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  1. Sarah Osgrove says:

    I am sorry, but wherever your data came from is wrong. Twitter locked me out of my account first for telling someone their mother was probably ready to slap the Russian security dude for threats he made toward Elon musk and sited “violation of Twitter’s rules against violence” and would NOT reinstate it even after I explained it was NOT directly aimed at anyone as a threat nor was it even meant to be a threat at all. Then I was banned for answering the question “If an intruder was going to hurt your family member, would you shoot them?’ My answer was ‘Yes, I believe in the 2nd, so you break in my house, you should know you will have a bullet in the brain pan shortly.’ THAT is more threatening than the first was and I admit that but it used to be that people understood generalizations and could gather the “you” I was referring to was a fictitious person. Locked out for that.
    THEN I was permanently banned when I responded to a comment where the person was LYING through their front teeth and I said if they couldn’t stop lying they needed to have “duct tape slapped over their mouth”. I also posted a link disputing her garbage and proving she’d lied. Her account was left mine was permanently banned.
    Twitter doesn’t go by policy. They do what they want to and have been known to tweet from the accounts of others that are left in limbo either with no owner or in the process of deletion but not deleted yet. You may want to go back and check some more sources.

    1. Sarah Osgrove says:

      I forgot to add there was no other communication from them at any point.

      1. Lamina Ifeoluwa says:

        I don’t agree with you though. Twitter can be shitty. Twitter suspended all the accounts on my device because it felt I violated a rule in which I was totally ignorant of including the accounts on my device being operated on other devices. Twitter support system is also very appalling. They don’t respond to mails or either take too long to respond so I agree with her

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