Why Can’t I See Comments on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the top social networking platforms out there, doesn’t have an easy to use interface when it comes to reading comments.

When you access your twitter home feed, you will see four options under any tweet made by the people you follow. These four options under a tweet are reply/comment, retweet, like, and share.

So basically there is no straightforward way as we see on Facebook to view the comments made by others users on that tweet.

That’s why any users are confused while finding replies to tweets.

Why Can’t I See Comments on Twitter?

It is not like that you can not see them. You just need know the right way as the twitter doesn’t show the comments directly under tweets as shown by Facebook below its posts.

When you click that “Comment” icon to look at the comments,, instead of showing you all the replied by other users, twitter opens a dialog box for you to reply to that tweet.

Why Can’t I See Comments on Twitter?

How to View Comments on Twitter?

Step 1. You need to click on the Timestamp of the tweets published time. On your Twitter timeline, when you see 100’s of tweets, there is a timestamp in parallel to the username of the profile.

Step 2. Now it will open that full tweet with its URL in the same tab, where once you scroll down you can see the comments.

How to View Comments on Twitter

You can also open the complete tweet in new tab rather than in overlay. Make sure you don’t click anywhere else lie profile name or hashtag.

You can also use above tips to see other peoples comments on any desktop browser or twitter mobile app (ios, Android).

And if you are using any 3rd party social media management tools like hootsuite or tweetdeck, these tips works there too.

If you can’t see replies on twitter which means either the tweets are protected by the users, you are not following the user, or they are being hidden by the tweet author.

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