Are you looking for an app or tool to see who unfollowed you on Instagram? There are some apps available for Android and iPhone on play store and iTunes store. Instagram is a very popular social media app used many celebrities, businesses, or individuals for their promotion but the app doesn’t tell you who has recently unfollowed you.

We are making an app on Useqwitter for Android and iPhone users, which will automatically tell you your followers & unfollowers on Instagram.

If you don’t want to install an app due to privacy concerns, you can find your Instagram unfollowers manually by going to the follower’s list of their accounts to know whether they are following you back or not.

As our article about who unfollowed you on twitter, Instagram also doesn’t show any notification regarding any users who decide to unfollow you.

We know that’s frustrating for someone who is a Public figure on Instagram and suddenly loses hundreds of followers and wants to know which accounts are actually unfollowing you.

Instagram app may not help you in this case, but we certainly do. There are two ways to find out who unfollowed you till we launch our tool.

1. Check manually who unfollowed you on Instagram

This is a bit tedious task but doable. You need to directly check the account of users whom you think were following you and now they are not.

Open the Insta profile of the users, Click on Following, there you will see list of users that person is following. Now Search for your name or Instagram username in the search bar. If your name doesn’t appear on that list means the person has unfollowed you.

who is not following you back

Well, we know this is not an effective method for some who has thousands of followers. I guess that will work for you if you want to know about a specific person.

2. Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram using an app

Ok, this solution neither provided by Instagram nor by us. So use it carefully while giving access to your details the app asks for.

But to track unfollowers of your Instagram account this is a quick and effective method.

You will find a lot of apps on iTunes and Plat store which promise you many things other than to find people who unfollowed you. After our search, we found one app, particularly which works as they say both for Android and iPhone users.

Even though the app is free but there are some in-app purchases like the app may ask you to buy the subscription to use it for multiple accounts. In Free version, you can track your unfollows for one account.

Once you install the app and open it, It will ask you to give permission to your Instagram account. After giving access, the app will fetch all the details from your account say, whom you are following, and who are following you. The app will keep sending you notifications about unfollowers and new followers.

The app will also tell you who won’t follow you back.

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