Can’t find that important tweet or joke you posted days or years back? Are you a politician or any controversial person worrying that someone will find your old embarrassing tweets and use them against you? Well to find your first ever tweet you need to dig into your twitter archive.

Don’t worry we have mentioned different ways to search your old age tweets.

You don’t need to manually scroll through your Twitter profile to find that specific tweet you want to repost or delete. In this guide, we have mentioned step by step tutorial on how to search your old tweets.

Alert: As per twitter, you can only see 3200 tweets on your timeline not older than that. This means if you have more than 3200, you can’t find them.

In total we have mentioned 6 ways to find your old tweet with advanced search method. Don’t worry if one method didn’t work for you jump on to next one.

5 Tested ways to search old tweets

1. Advance Search on Twitter

This is twitter’s own tool to search your old tweets in easy way.

Just Login to your twitter account and visit Twitter’s advanced search page

search old tweets twitter advanced search fields

Now under the accounts subheading, find “from these accounts” and there enter your’s or someone else username (if you want to find someone’s tweets) without @.

search old tweets Fields under the "Account" subheading"

Now go to the Dates at the end and Enter your start and end date time frame for your search.

search old tweets Twitter advanced search calendar

Click on the Search button and you will see all the old tweets as per your selected period above.

search results

Now you need to click on the Latest tab to see the most recent tweet in your selected time period.

Latest tab of search results

If you want the exact specific tweet, you can add some words you remember from that tweet. Here are some advance search functions:

All of these words — Example What’s happening. It contains both What’s and happening.

This exact phrase — Happy hour. It contains the exact phrase “happy hour”

Any of these words — Cats dogs. It can contain either “cats” or “dogs” or both.

These Hashtags — if you remember the hashtag, just enter it ike #mondaymotivation

2. Hacking the Twitter advanced search

After going through the first method of finding old tweets with Twitter advanced search, you must have seen a search string with twitter username and dates. It looks something like this.

blue bar Twitter search results

This is called twitter search operators. You can use them to find your old tweets directly in the twitter search bar rather going through long method of advance search.

There are three operators in the above search From, until, and since. Here is how we can use all of them. By this method, you can search tweets by user and date.

Using from:username in the search will find all the tweets sent by @username

Using since:yyyy-mm-dd will find all the tweets since yyyy-mm-dd

Using until:yyyy-mm-dd will find all the tweets sent until yyyy-mm-dd

You can use all three operators combined in one search, as pairs of two or individual as well.

This is how you can use all three twitter search operators combines.

From:johmu since:2019-01-01 until:2019-12-31

You will see the same results as in method 1 but with less efforts.

3. Request a complete Archive of your Twitter account

If you are someone who tweets a lot and your number of tweets crosses 3200 you must ask twitter for a archive of your tweets on regular bases. This way even if you delete some of your old tweets you can retrieve them via this way.

Just follow the below steps to get the archive of all your tweets.

1. Go to your Twitter Account settings

2. Now in Account tab, find Data and permissions sub heading. Under that click on your twitter data.

3. In Your Twitter data, Under Download archive, enter your password and confirm. Twitter will prepare your data to download.

4. It may take some minutes,, hours or days to download the data. All depend on how much it is. When your data is ready you get the notification on your twitter account email or a push notification. Once you get that just visit again and download your data.

5. You will get a .zip file of all your activities and old tweets. Once you open the zip file you get two files, one as index.html and other as tweets.csv.

Now either you can open the index.html file in the browser and find your tweets.

Or you can open tweets.csv file and filter it to find your tweets.

4. Using 3rd Party Apps to see what you have posted before

There are services like AllMyTweets which can help your to search through your entire Twitter archive. Here’s how to do it.

Open the site and login with your Twitter account.

Now enter username your want to find old tweets of.

If you have lots of tweets say more than 10000, it may take some time otherwise in some minutes AllMyTweets will extract the list of all of your past tweets on one page and arrange them in chronological order.

You can also filter your own tweets by using the checkboxes given at the top of the page. you can hide all the replies and retweets.

5. Using the Wayback Machine

If you have deleted your tweet or someone else has deleted their, you can’t find them in Twitter Archive. At that time, you can find them via Wayback machine.

Neither this tool does archive individual tweets not it does store unpopular accounts. Tweets from only popular pages can be seen here.

Here’s how to search old tweets using the Wayback Machine:

Visit the site Add twitter profile url in search box and browse.

wayback machine homepage

Now you will see a single screenshot taken by Wayback machine tool organized by dates and year.

wayback machine date selector

You need to select the year from which you want to see the tweets. Then you need to click on a date with a bubble.

wayback machine year selector

Then once you click on the date, the tool will show you the screenshot they have taken of the account on that day. You can only see the first 20 tweets from that account. You can’t see older than that.

Wayback screenshot of the Twitter page

These are all the methods by which you can keep searching for older tweets. If you got any new method, do let us know in comments.

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