If you are using Twitter for a very long time you must have liked so 100’s or even 1000’s tweets. Now when you want to see all of them you must be asking a question to yourself Is there any way to view all twitter likes and how?

Even though there is a section on your twitter profile by which you can view all the tweets you have liked. Twitter normally shows around 50 likes at one time but what if you want to see your liked tweets about a month or 2 months ago. That’s where you need to find out the shortcut to access your “favorited”/liked tweets.

How to See All Twitter Likes

Follow the steps below if you want to see old twitter likes.

1. To access your list of favorites or likes, open your twitter account and go to the profile section on the left side of your screen.

2. Once you are on your twitter profile section, find the liked tab under your profile picture. This way you can see your old likes.

3. Once you click on Likes, scroll through the favorites.

Now you can’t access your oldest likes but you can take care of this for the future.

Automatically Save liked Tweets to a Google Spreadsheet Using IFTTT

So by now, you must have known that it is not easy to find what you have liked or favorited in the past. There is always a limit especially with free tools.

So one thing you can do is to automate this task of collecting your new twitter likes. This way even if you have to access a year-old liked tweet you can find that too.

Let’s follow the process.

1. Create an IFTTT account if not have one.

2. Select the Twitter account and authorize it.

3. Create a Google Drive account and link it with twitter.

Once you connect Twitter and G drive account create an IFTTT recipe such as:

IF I Like a tweet, THEN add this tweet to a specific Google Spreadsheet.

Now whenever you like a tweet, it will be automatically added to your Spreadsheet and saved in google drive account.

Saving all your past Twitter likes

After I came to know that I can’t find a tweet which I liked some time ago, so I found a way by which we can save all of our past Twitter likes. This way you can filter by username or any word in the tweet. And it’s easy and free.

So let’s start

Step 1: Download all your Twitter data

Log in to your Twitter account and open this page https://twitter.com/settings/your_twitter_data. Enter your password and click on the Confirm button. Now Request Archive. Once your Data is ready you will receive an email.

Download the file and unzip it. There you will see a number of .js files. From them find the like.js file. Something like below.

Step 2: Splitting the file and extracting full of info individual Tweet

To do this you need to use Python coding language. You can find the code here https://github.com/xoelop/get-twitter-likes

Download the code from the above Github link and unzip it. Now Copy the like.js file from the first step in the Data folder you download from the above Github link.

get_likes_to_csv.py is the main script and Once you run it, it will parse thelike.js file. Then you need to connect to Twitter API to download individual tweets and save it into a CSV file.

For this you need to do two things

1. Get the access token by registering a new Twitter app here. It is necessary for Twitter API to connect.

2. Create an .env file in the root folder downloaded from Github and add your Twitter credentials which are


3. Install pipenv if you don’t have it, doing pip install pipenv

4. run pipenv run python get_likes_to_csv.py

This way you will have your CSV file of all liked twitter in 1 minute.

Now to save it, Create a new sheet with Google Spreadsheet. Click on File > Import > Upload. Select the CSV file and You are done.

Why can’t I see all my Likes on Twitter

If you are facing a problem where twitter is not showing all of your likes on your Timeline then this is not a bug from Twitter. As a user named Ross McLoughlin asked a question from Twitter staff named @Andypiper where he replied that is not a bug.

It means if you are not seeing all of your likes then must be out of sync. If there has been no activity( reply, tweets, or retweets) on your twitter account for some time say months or years then your account will be moved to archive storage. That’s why the Twitter website is unable to show any recent activity.

That’s why most people think that twitter “likes” are not working on their profile.

How to See all Likes on a Tweet

First open the tweet by clicking on the date of the tweet. Then Click where it say “# Likes”. A list will show up with a list of all users who liked that tweet.

If you are unable to see everyone who liked you tweet it means there may be some locked users who liked your tweet. Locked users have set their profiles to Private. You can only see any kind of interactions (tweets, replies, Likes, retweets, quoted replies) from them if already follow them.

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