Everyone who in on social media wants to know who is following them. In a similar way, if you are on Facebook you must have searched for ways How can I see who is following me on Facebook. If you have a Facebook page too, you also check how many people are following your FB page.

Anyone who is not even friends with you on Facebook can follow your profile and professional page.

Here are some quick things to know:

  • Not everyone sends you a Friend request if they are interested in you or like what you post on your FB profile. They can simply follow your profile.
  • We will share some quick steps by which you can know who is following you on Facebook.
  • Like any other social media website, Facebook too allows us to see who is following my profile or the mutual friend’s connection.
  • Like I said above no one really needs to send you a Friend request for the profile or Like your page. They can only follow your page too instead of liking it first.

Whether you are a celebrity or a normal person, everyone has the curiosity to know who is visiting your profile other than the people you are friends with.

If you have set up your profile to be public rather than private, then anyone can quietly follow you instead of sending a request to add as a Friend. Whatever posts you will make on your profile they will see that in their news feed. But don’t worry you will know whenever someone follows. Keep reading to know about that feature.

In short, there will be some people whom you might like or not, seeing your account updates regularly.

How to see who is following you on Facebook

Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile, Click on Friends tab, and Find More.

Click the More tabClick the More tab

Step 2: Now when you click on more, you may see many options in the dropdown. Out of all Select Following.

Select FollowersSelect Followers

Step 3: Now you will see a list of followers who is following you. If you list is big keep scrolling

Scroll through to see who follows your profileScroll through to see who follows your profile

Now if you know anyone following you from that list, you can send them a Friend request. Another feature of Facebook is you can also see if you have mutual friends with a person following you.

How to see who is following your Facebook Pages

If you are some kind of celebrity or even if you have a business page, you can also check the followers of your page who don’t like your pages just follow them.

Like we have stated above Facebook allows the users to follow a page without liking it. On the other side, if someone likes your page, they automatically become a follower of your page too.

There are two ways to check how many people and who is following your page.

Part 1: Who is Following your Page

Now if you want to know who or which person is following your page, Go to that page account. Make sure you see the URL of your page clearly in the browser.

Now as per New interface launched by Facebook there is some changes they way we check our page followers.

Step 1: Once you are on the page you want to check followers of, Click on Page Setting in the left side of the panel as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Now Click on People and other pages option in same left panel of your screen.

Step 3: Now on this page, you can see who likes and follows your page. If you decided you remove or ban anyone from liking or following your page. Once you have banned someone, he or she can’t comment, post, like, send a message or perform any kind of action.

Now click on on dropdown menu as show in the image and select from 4 different options like people who like this page, people who follow this page, Pages that like this page, or Banned people and pages.

Once you choose the who follow this page option you will complete list of people.

Part 2: How many people are following your page

As per the Facebook’s New Interface in 2020, You can check the no of followers of your page by going to pages tab added by in new interface near Home button on your Facebook profile.

When you are on the Facebook profile page , there is Flag button near the Home button as show in the Image below which shows all the pages on your account.

Once you click on that button you will see all the pages and every pages will be shown No. of likes and no. of followers a page has.

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