what does this tweet is unavailable mean

One of the most common notice messages on Twitter that every active user has come across at one point is –This Tweet is unavailable. This is often frustrating, and while Twitter is an exciting mine of conversations and social connections, it is frustrating to encounter this placeholder message. The odds are raised when you’re having a good time following a captivating trend only to come across these ‘dark spaces.’

During these annoying situations, you have probably wondered, “Why is Twitter showing me this message?”

Well, we take a look at the reasons behind these missing tweets that often pop up when you have deep interests in a shared link, that juicy tread, or the trending items on your timeline. Most importantly, we discuss the simple but effective ways to fix this problem.

Let’s go.

Why Twitter shows you the message – ‘This Tweet is Unavailable.’

Here are some of the reasons why you see the “This Tweet is Unavailable” notice.

You are trying to view the deleted tweet
  • The tweet is from a private account, and only the person’s followers can view its content.
  • You blocked the Twitter user, or the Twitter user blocked you.
  • The tweet has been tagged to a private account or retweeted by someone with a private/protected account.
  • The tweet has been deleted by Twitter for violation of their rules. The most common issue involves tweets that contain sensitive content
  • The tweet has been deleted by the person who tweeted it.

How to fix the ‘This Tweet is Unavailable’ problem

Whenever you come across the message ‘This Tweet is Unavailable,’ there are several steps you can take to fix this annoying issue, namely

1. Check whether you have blocked the Twitter user and unblock the account.

check whether you blocked the Twitter user

The first step to take when you cannot view a tweet’s content is to determine whether you have blocked the Twitter account. If that is the case, then you can gain access to the tweet by unblocking the user. To do this, you will need to:

  • Go to the profile of the account you want to unblock.
  • Click on the ‘Blocked’ button you see on their timeline.
  • A confirmation box will pop up asking if you wish to unblock the user. Click ‘Yes’ if you are using an Android phone or ‘Confirm’ if you are using an iPhone. On Windows and Mac laptops, you will click the ‘Unblock @username’ button.

2. Someone else may have blocked you

You have been blocked

If you have not blocked the account, then it is likely that you have been blocked. If that’s the case, you can request the individual to unblock you. The easiest way to do this is to either ask a friend on Twitter who is not blocked by the user account to make a direct request or reach out to the user through other social platforms – that’s if they haven’t blocked you there.

3. Maybe you are accessing the tweet from Private Profile

this tweet is unavailable due to private profile

There are Twitter users who have opted to make their accounts private, and the only way to read the content of their tweets is to follow them. Well, in this case, the best way to get rid of the annoying “Tweet is unavailable” message is to send a follow request to the Twitter user. Once they accept the request, you will have access to all content they tweet.

4. Get in touch with Twitter’s support team

If all these fail and you really feel you should read the said tweet, you can go ahead and contact Twitter’s support.

Here are three ways to go about that:

  • Use Twitter to communicate to them through their account @TwitterSupport
  • Reach out to them through their support page https://help.twitter.com/en/contact-us
  • Call the toll-free Twitter support number 415-222-9670

After contacting them, the support team will look into the issues causing you to see the placeholder message and provide a way forward. Keep in mind that while the support team works around the clock, they have to deal with millions of users. As such, a message or solution from the support team might not be instant.

Bottom Line

If you encounter the ‘This Tweet is unavailable’ message, there is room for you to wiggle out and have access to the tweet’s content. Go ahead and try out some of the above solutions.

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